Yanis Compression
General Information
Age: 23
Species: Enchanter (formerly) cat
Resides: Tangrine's Cantina, Melbourne , Australia
Occupation: Feline Runner"" as Melanie calls him
Powers/Abilities: Levitation spells
Nicknames: Yanis ac Korea
Family: Sunny and Dummy Tangerine

Melanie Tangerine

Friends: Sabrina Spellman (owner)
Pet(s): none
Enemies: Wickellia von Evilpants

Yolanda von Evilpants

Romances: Twinkle Gravity
Series Information
Portrayed by: Ian James Corlett

Yanis Compression used to be a powerful warlock, but due to some trouble he got himself in, the Witch's council turned him into a cat. He now lives with Melanie and her family at Tangerine's Cantina.

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