Melanie Tangerine
General Information
Age: 15
Species: Half mortal-Half witch
Resides: Tangerine's Cantina, Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Clumsy
Powers/Abilities: Levitation spells

Mind control Compress witout touching object flying on a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Nicknames: Mel

Annie Tangerine Drongorine Mellie Miss Miles Miss Mortified Witchypoo "Mate"

Family: Sunny and Dummy Tangerine
Friends: Cadance
Pet(s): Yanis
Enemies: Wickellia von Evilpants

Yolanda von Evilpants Xena LaDoury

Frenemies: Georgie Drama

Randi W.Acme Angela Torturehead III

Romances: Morgan
Series Information
Portrayed by: Kumi Lowe

Melanie Tangerine is the main protagonist of the series. She is a half witch-half mortal living two secret lives, one in the mortal realm and one in the magical world.

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